Get Ready

This program is based on golang. It is recommended to use golang with version higher than 1.11. More infomation, please visit:

Import the program required sql to the corresponding self-built database

The content of the sql file are the data tables required by the framework. Suppose your business database is: database_a; then you can import the framework sql into database_a, or you can create another database database_b to import into. Besides, they can be different driver databases, for example, your business database is mysql, the framework database is sqlite. GoAdmin currently supports multiple database connection operations. How to configure, will be described in detail later.

Install command line tools

Download the binary excecute file:

File name OS Arch Size macOs x86-64 4.77 MB Linux x86-64 6.52 MB Linux x86 6.06 MB Windows x86 6.16 MB Windows x86-64 6.38 MB

Or use the command:

go install

🍺🍺 Get ready to work here!!

English is not my main language. If any typo or wrong translation you found, you can help to translate in github here. I will very appreciate it.