Template Introducation

The theme template is an abstract representation of ui, including a collection of components and static resources that are called in the plugin. The type in go-admin is Template, as follows:

type Template interface {
    // Components
    Form() types.FormAttribute
    Col() types.ColAttribute
    Table() types.TableAttribute
    DataTable() types.DataTableAttribute
    Row() types.RowAttribute
    Tree() types.TreeAttribute
    Paginator() types.PaginatorAttribute
    Label() types.LabelAttribute
    Image() types.ImgAttribute
    Alert() types.AlertAttribute
    Tabs() types.TabsAttribute
    Popup() types.PopupAttribute

    // Builder methods
    GetTmplList() map[string]string
    GetAssetList() []string
    GetAsset(string) ([]byte, error)
    GetTemplate(bool) (*template.Template, string)

To develop a ui theme template, you need to implement the above Template interface.